Friends of the Opera House

~ who we are ~

The Fort Recovery Friends of the Opera House was established on July 1, 2020  for the purpose of renovating this historic landmark.  We are a group of hard-working, goal-oriented people from all ages and backgrounds who have come together to revitalize this beautiful building and to offer our community a multi-purpose gathering space.  We are dedicated, passionate, and determined to return the building (and Opera House) to its former glory.

Executive Board


Kim Rammel, president

Tracy Evers-Westgerdes, vice president

JoAnne Glentzer, treasurer

Brandy Jutte, secretary


Lorri Kaup

Carol Jutte

Nancy Knapke

Jill Andrews

Dian Kaiser

Committee Members

Brad Bubp

Helen LeFevre

Donna Grube

Karen Meiring

Amy Kaiser

Sharon Scott

Judy Wood

Julie Bollenbacher